Community to gather to remember Bishop killed in shooting

A faith community is in mourning today. Popular Charlotte pastor Bishop Phillip Davis was killed over the weekend in an accidental shooting. Davis led the flock at Nations Ford Community Church.  A prayer vigil is scheduled for tonight. WBTV's Steve Crump is talking to those who knew Bishop Davis best. He'll be live tonight on WBTV News at 5:00.

Water restrictions have been eased in Union County. Residents were forced cut back even more than normal after an accident on Friday spilled fuel into the water supply. It was a relatively minor spill. It had us wondering how fragile is the supply in Union County. Some restrictions have been in place for the better part of a decade in the county neighboring Mecklenburg. WBTV's Pamela Escobar will a live report on WBTV News First at 4:00. 
Governor McCrory was in Charlotte today as lawmakers in Raleigh still try to come up with a budget. WBTV's Dedrick Russell tried to talk to the governor today, but he wasn't taking questions. We'll see who is taking tonight at 6:00.  We're also investigating how much this budget fight is costing you, the taxpayer. Nick Ochsner will have the story on WBTV News at 5:30.

It has been a scorcher of a summer. 67 days above 90 degrees. It has many struggling to pay their electric bill. Tonight at 6:00, WBTV's Brody O'Connell will show us how bad the problem is and what you might be able to do to help.

See you starting on WBTV News First at 4:00.