Crisis Assistance Ministry: Hot summer means increase in families seeking help

Crisis Assistance Ministry: Hot summer means increase in families seeking help

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A long, hot summer has created longer lines at Crisis Assistance Ministry in Charlotte.

The high temperatures have also translated into high energy bills for a lot of people. In fact, Tovi Martin, with Crisis Assistance Ministry, is reporting an increase in families seeking financial help.

"Our initial estimate suggests that we have about a ten-percent increase over the course of this summer compared to last summer," Martin told WBTV. "It's been hotter, longer it seems like this summer."

As of Monday morning, Charlotte experienced 67 days this year at or above 90 degrees.

Martin said her clients simply can't keep up with the cost of keeping cool.

"We have bills between 200 and 400 dollars," Martin said.

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Because of the spike in demand, Crisis Assistance recently launched an online campaign called 'Charlotte Stays Home.'

Unlike traditional fundraising events, this 'nonevent gala' is hosted online. The idea is to make it easier on you to help out. You attend this fundraising gala with the click of a mouse.

"Instead of throwing a gala, instead of the agency spending the time and resources to organize a gala, instead of people spending their resources to get to the gala, we are going to try to push more of that money toward helping families who are in crisis," Martin said.

The donation website is already up and running.

Contributions will help families who are struggling to pay for their utilities.

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