Rocks thrown off overpass in Hickory, two cars struck

Rocks thrown off overpass in Hickory, two cars struck

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - Arlene Potter was driving home early Sunday with a friend in the passenger seat. There was not much traffic and the trip was going smoothly. Then it happened.

"All of a sudden this crash!" Arlene was traveling south on Highway 321 and had just gone under the 2nd Avenue bridge.

Her windshield was shattered, glass covered her arms and that of her passenger.

"We thought it was a gunshot," she says.

It wasn't. It was a rock that had been thrown off of the overpass.

At about the same time, people in a second vehicle, heading north, experienced the same thing as they passed under the same bridge.

"All at once, boom!"

Theda Webster also thought it was a gunshot.

In both cases, a fist sized impact point can be seen on their vehicles, and their is evidence that it was a rock that caused the damage.

While some glass was strewn inside the vehicles, the windshield stayed largely intact and did not allow the rock to penetrate.

Theda says the impact caused her to swerve for a moment and says she just barely missed the concrete barriers along the bridge abutment.

"Someone could have been killed," she said.

Authorities have asked people in the area if they saw anything but so far they have no suspects. It is possible more rocks were thrown off the bridge at cars, but they can't be sure.

Only two drivers reported their vehicles being hit. Police are asking the public's help in finding who was responsible and also to keep their eyes open as they pass through the area.

There are three bridges with a one hundred yard area and they say there is always the chance that whoever was responsible for Sunday's incidents, might strike again.

Arlene Potter says she realizes it will be tough to catch someone but hopes police do. She doesn't want anyone else to go through what she did and fears that if it happens again, someone could get hurt, or worse. "Very, scary, very scary."

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