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After making him remove it, school lets senior fly American flag on truck

(Coleen Harry | WBTV) (Coleen Harry | WBTV)

Less than three days after telling a Lake Norman High School senior he could not have flags flying on his pickup truck, school officials are allowing them.

Friday morning, Mason Carver drove to school with a different look on his pick up truck. He put a 2 1/2' by 4' American flag and a 4' by 5' North Carolina state flag on the back on his truck.

But, Carver said, that's not something officials wanted on school grounds.

According to the high school senior, after he parked his vehicle and was walking towards the school building an administrator approached him and walked him back to his truck to explain why flags are not allowed on vehicles on school property.

"He said basically 'these are safety hazards and you're going to have to tie them up today during school,'" Carver said. "'As soon as you leave school property you're allowed to untie them.'"

Carver complied with school officials, but he was not happy about it.

"I think we live in the greatest nation in the world," he added. "People worked way too hard. A lot of people died for this flag."

He said during his English class that he researched Amendment rights, and at lunch he went to his principal for more answers. 

"He said if he lets me fly the American flag and the N.C. State flag, it gives other people incentives to fly other flags that might be offensive to other people, such as the Confederate flag," Carver said.

WBTV tried to contact officials with the Iredell Statesville School District, but we could not reach anyone Friday evening to get specifics about the District's policy.

On Monday, after school officials told Carver he could fly the American flag on his truck, WBTV received a statement.

"Maintaining a safe, orderly environment that promotes student well-being and learning is a top priority for Iredell-Statesville Schools," said Superintendent Brady Johnson. "We strongly support the constitutionally guaranteed right of our students and staff to express their patriotism with a display of the American Flag as long as such action does not jeopardize the safety of our student body."

The statement continued, "I commend Principal Keith Gentle for his quick and effective response to the concerns of our student. We welcome the opportunity to address any concerns that are brought to our attention."

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