Ferrell family reacts to decision in Kerrick case

Ferrell family reacts to decision in Kerrick case

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Ferrell family is no longer in Charlotte.  They live in Florida and spoke with WBTV by phone.

The family said when they learned Attorney General Roy Cooper would drop the charge against Officer Randall "Wes" Kerrick, it was not what they wanted to hear.

"At first, I just felt like they didn't care.  It wasn't their child, they didn't care. They didn't feel the same as we have felt, having someone murdered for no reason by a police officer, somebody who is supposed to help him," said Jonathan's mother, Georgia Ferrell. "That Cooper did not care one way or the other about my child or about my stress.  He did not care."

Last Friday on the day the mistrial was declared, Georgia Ferrell said she could physically go through another trial, but there was no word then whether prosecutors were willing to seek a conviction. She says the state prosecutors, Adren Harris and Teresa Postell called her before the public announcement Friday to explain that Attorney General Roy Cooper was dropping the charge.  Georgia Ferrell says she is hurt but motivated to keep going.  Her son Willie Ferrell says he is also motivated.

"We must continue to do whatever we have to do no matter how long the fight is because Jonathan has been murdered.  He can't speak for himself," Willie Ferrell said.

But the family recognizes they no longer have a civil suit because the city paid them $2.25 million.

"The settlement was nothing because Jonathan's life was worth way more than money can give. Now, we just must continue to fight to make sure this don't happen to nobody else, sit down with our legal team and then we move forward how to get this case heard," Willie Ferrell said.

The Ferrells also thanked their supporters in Charlotte and thanked them for not being violent because they said Jonathan Ferrell was non-violent.

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