Search warrants reveal new details into 'Darth Vader' bank robber

Search warrants reveal new details into 'Darth Vader' bank robber

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The FBI says that an arrest that was made in connection to a bank robbery that happened in March was aided, in part, by the use of a Facebook page.

On March 16, a man wearing a "Darth Vader" costume and holding a bolt-action shotgun robbed the State Employees Credit Union in Pineville.

About 3 and a half hours later, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMPD) stopped 27-year old Thomas Gilbert, who they said had cut off his ankle monitor. The vehicle he was driving was also reported stolen.

In his car, police say they found the shotgun used in the robbery along with a "Darth Vader" t-shirt and two black knit caps. He was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and felon in possession of a firearm, but not for the robbery.

In June, a CD of Gilbert's jail calls were turned over, according to search warrants released Wednesday, that pointed to Gilbert's connection to the robbery.

"They don't even know nothing about that [expletive] earlier, they don't know nothing about that," Gilbert said during one call. "I'm trying to get the [expletive] up out of here before they find out anything about that."

According to the warrants, a female Gilbert was talking to said in another conversation, "Thomas, I look that stuff up, remember when you told me what city to look in? It was just talking about Darth Vader, it said something about Darth Vader."

Then, on June 8, a woman who was following Gilbert on March 16 when he was arrested was interviewed. The warrants state Gilbert had sent her a message on Facebook that stated, "Well Monday this leg [expletive] comin off my leg so me in my [expletive] going down to sc to get this money Monday that we been ready for since I been on this leg [expletive].... It's a game changer I'm talkin alot of money like 30b each."

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