Boyfriend of reporter killed will 'never forget her'

Boyfriend of reporter killed will 'never forget her'

ROANOKE, VA (WBTV) - As mourners stopped by the WDBJ studios in Roanoke Virginia Wednesday evening to pay respects to the reporter and photographer murdered during a live shot just before 7 a.m., the boyfriend of the reporter said its been "a surreal day."

Chris Hurst, who is an anchor at the station, says he and Alison Parker started dating after the station Christmas party last December. It quickly grew into something special, he says.

"I loved her very much and she loved me back," he told WBTV.

The two moved in together just recently, he said, "So we could start to pool our resources to hopefully buy a house and plan for the future."

That future came to an abrupt end Wednesday morning when a former co-worker walked up to Parker and her photographer Adam Ward while a live I-view was in progress and gunned them down.

Hurst says he was stunned when he heard the news. The two had just come back from a vacation in the Nantahala section of North Carolina to celebrate Alison's 24th birthday.

He says Alison loved being a journalist and was always excited to go to work.

Wednesday morning, as Alison left for the station, Hurst says he "kissed her goodbye and watched her drive off, and that was the happiest I had ever seen her."


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