Shooter dies, station mourns after killing of journalists on live TV

The gunman who killed two young journalists on live television this morning is dead.  Adam Ward and Alison Parker were in the middle of a live report for station WDBJ in Roanoke when Vester Flanagan walked up and opened fire with a handgun.  Flanagan went by the name of Bryce Williams and was a former news reporter at WDBJ.  We will have the latest starting on WBTV News First at 4 and our Steve Ohnesorge is in Roanoke this afternoon he will be live starting on WBTV News at 5:00.

The Kerrick Defense Team is speaking out for the first time today. Lawyers say their client, CMPD Officer Randall Kerrick, should not face another trial. A jury last week became deadlocked after days of deliberation and a mistrial was declared. Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell. Steve Crump was at the news conference today. He'll have a live report.

We're also following new information in the story of Club 935 in west Charlotte. The nightclub has been linked to violence over the years. Neighbors wanted it shutdown and it looks like they are getting their wish because of a federal court case.

A developing story this afternoon. Several arrests made in a string of robberies and a shooting in Charlotte. We're gathering all the details and will have a live report on WBTV News at 6:00.

We are still watching the tropics. Tropical Storm Erika is churning in the Atlantic, the First Alert Weather Team will have the latest track and what the storm may mean for us here in the Carolinas.