Newest NC teachers get raises now, rest must wait on state

Newest NC teachers get raises now, rest must wait on state

CHARLOTTE, NC (Ann Doss Helms/The Charlotte Observer) - Teachers with zero to four years of experience get immediate raises under the stopgap state budget, while the rest must wait to see what, if anything, North Carolina lawmakers approve.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School board approved the new-teacher raises without discussion Tuesday – a formality given that the salaries are driven by the state budget. The state pay scale for teachers in the lowest experience category goes from $33,000 to $35,000 a year for those with only bachelor's degrees; with the CMS supplement their pay is $40,247.

Low-experience teachers with master's degrees will see their state pay go from $36,300 to $38,500; with the CMS supplement it is now $44,267.

Teachers with at least five years of experience "shall not move up on salary schedules or receive automatic step increases, annual, performance, merit, or other increments until authorized by the General Assembly," according to the board's material. For instance, a CMS teacher with five years' experience and a bachelor's degree makes $41,982 under the 2014-15 scale.

The 2015-16 budget year began July 1, but state legislators have given themselves two extensions while the House and Senate try to resolve differences in their plans. The latest extension ends Aug. 31. Superintendent Ann Clark said it remains "perplexing" to figure out whether the state will make that deadline or approve a third extension.

"Signals at this point are not promising," she said.

Also Tuesday:

? Meaghan Loftus, assistant principal at Ashley Park PreK-8 School, was promoted to principal there. She has worked for CMS since 2008 and been at Ashley Park since 2012. Ashley Park is part of Project LIFT, a public-private partnership to boost achievement at West Charlotte High and its eight feeder schools.

? Jennifer Pearsall, executive director in CMS English language learner services, was named principal at Collinswood Language Academy, a K-8 Spanish immersion magnet school.

? The board approved a rent-free lease for the new Veritas charter school to use the former Villa Heights school in uptown Charlotte. Veritas opened Monday in temporary classrooms at Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church.

? The board approved an agreement for United States Performance Center to build "a state of the arts sports complex" on the campus of J.M. Robinson Middle School, which will be used by students as well as private customers.