Man calls WBTV for help in dispute with apartment complex

(Corey Schmidt | WBTV)
(Corey Schmidt | WBTV)

MATTHEWS, NC (WBTV) - Help is on its way for one man who called On Your Side Investigates after being frustrated in a dispute with a local apartment complex.

Robert Baker paid $250 to the Legacy Matthews apartment complex last September when he submitted his application to live there. The money covered an application fee, deposit and other up-front costs.

Baker decided not to move forward with the lease, though, when he learned the apartment he was going to rent did not have washer/dryer hookups.

He understood that part of his $250 payment was non-refundable but asked the complex to give him $200 back.

The apartment complex claimed that a provision in the contract Baker signed said that none of the money was refundable after a certain time period and refused to refund any of his money.

"[The manager] said she was going to tell me speak with somebody in the office. Well they're the ones that wanted me to talk to her, so it's this whole back-and-forth thing and, basically, they're never going to give me my money," Baker said.

But the complex's parent company, GCI Residential, relented after calls from On Your Side Investigates.

A manager at GCI Residential maintained that the contract said the money Baker paid was non-refundable but agreed to refund Baker $150 anyways.

Baker said he this experience has taught him to pay more attention to the fine print in the future.

"Don't make any rushed decisions because it will bite you in the end," he said. "I think it's imperative to know everything about how that apartment complex works before you do anything that's going to cost you in the long run."

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