BLOG: Back to school

BLOG: Back to school

How about that back-to-school meme?? LOL. I saw this on another friend's IG page and HAD to share because I'm sure there are some of you out there who had that same thought at some point during the first day of school yesterday.

I apologize too: I was one of the many parents filling up your social media news feeds with my kid's back to school photos. Sorry!

The first day of school was a success! Camryn left for school happy and got off the bus smiling ear to ear. She has only one classmate she already knows from school last year so she will have to make new friends with the rest of her class.

She's not a shy girl so I don't think she'll have a problem with that. Wonder who she gets that from?

In all seriousness, we will experience much of what many of you are seeing in your child's classrooms too. Her school, even though it's fairly new, is already over capacity.

So she is one of 29 students in the class. Her teacher does not have an assistant. That's probably the biggest hurdle right now but I'm using it as motivation to be involved DAILY in her academic success.

Our routine when she gets home: we immediately go through her school work together, we talk about how her day went. Just us, one-on-one. No TVs on or other electronics to distract the conversation. I ask a lot of questions so we get in the routine of conversing about how her day was.

It's not a grilling, just simple questions to keep her engaged. Staying involved and active in helping create the best possible environment to success also means, for me, being a member of the PTA and supporting school events where I can.

That's not something I thought was important enough to do before I had kids. But I've heard many teachers say how big of a different it makes when the parent(s) are active in a child's academic success. We get one shot. I don't want to miss that opportunity.

One day in the books.... 179 more to go!

~Christine Sperow

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