VIRAL: Couple gets new puppy, does newborn-style photo shoot

VIRAL: Couple gets new puppy, does newborn-style photo shoot

(WBTV) - An Australian couple got a new pet and decided it would be fun to take a few photos. The move resulted in some adorable family photos that went viral online.

Photographer Elisha Minnette says the couple, Abby and Matt, are good friends and when the couple picked up the newest addition to their family, a puppy named Humphrey, they thought of the idea to do a puppy photo shoot.

Humphrey is a puppy "Groodle", or Goldendoodle, a cross between a purebred Poodle and a purebred Golden Retriever.

"Abby's relatives have recently asked if they were ready for kids, so we thought this concept would be a great response," Minnette said about the photos.

The pictures were shot in the classic look of a newborn baby photo shoot. Images include a photo of Abby and Matt holding Humphrey's paws, Humphrey being swaddled, to even riding in a classic baby carriage.

"I photograph all different types of shoots including newborns, so I knew what the normal baby shoots look like," Minnette said. "We didn't ever intend to make fun of new parents sharing photos of their newborns, we just wanted to show a different kind of newborn."

"Abby and I both work in the creative industry and have the craziest sense of humour always coming up with funny and random ideas to have a laugh," she continued. "We didn't plan anything for the shoot, the three of us were just bouncing around different ideas on the spot. It was a short, but hilarious shoot."

Minnette says it only took about an hour to complete the photo shoot.

"Humphrey was a delight to shoot, he loved all the attention and the treats of course!" she joked. "I shared it on my Facebook page to give everyone a smile, we never expected it to be this big!"

The photos were posted on the Facebook page for Minnette's photography Wednesday and have already been shared nearly 11,000 times. The images were trending on Facebook Monday afternoon.

If you'd like to see more of Minnette's photography, check out her website. You can also like her Facebook page or follow her on Instagram.

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