WBTV Secrets: Paul Cameron had a dangerous senior year

WBTV Secrets: Paul Cameron had a dangerous senior year

It’s time for another Station Secret…

This is your friend and mine... Paul Cameron, WBTV News !

You see his graduation picture to the left because this secret is about Paul's senior year in high school. Unfortunately, it's not about his prom or winning a state championship. It was a year for making memories... but not the good kind.

When Paul was a senior in high school, a large fire broke out close to his home near Los Angeles. It was known as the “Chattsworth Fire” since it burned from Chattsworth to the Pacific. He and his dad spent the night dousing their house with water from a garden hose. The goal was to try to keep the embers falling on their cedar shake roof from setting their house on fire. It was a long night but the house was fine… that time.

Two months later, torrential rain caused mud slides. While their house was safe, his family watched the house below them get inundated with mud. It was pushed off of its foundation and into the street. That was on Thanksgiving night.

Another close call but their house was still standing.

Two months after that, he got a wake-up call at 6:01 a.m. … from an earthquake.

The good news is that his family was able to make it out of the house safely. The bad news is that just about everything in the house was destroyed. All the built-in cabinets were shaken off the walls. Appliances and furniture were tossed around. When they finally got out, they could see homes off in the distance catching fire from ruptured gas lines. While their house didn’t catch on fire, it was declared destroyed and unsafe to live in.

They moved across town and school resumed about a month later.

What a senior year!

When he graduated, he wanted to go east - to the University of Florida. His parents moved to Miami a few years later and guess what happened?! 

After losing a house on the west coast, they lost another on the east. Hurricane Andrew destroyed their home. Yet again, his parents survived.

So when you see Paul on the news talking about a disaster, or about people losing their home, know he’s been there. His whole family has been there.

He gets it.

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