Charlotte organizations ask for Kerrick retrial, peaceful protests

Charlotte organizations ask for Kerrick retrial, peaceful protests

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A small group from the Charlotte Solidarity organization gathered at the Mecklenburg Courthouse Saturday afternoon.

Community members from several local organizations spoke about the mistrial of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Randall Kerrick, and the importance of trying to get a retrial in Mecklenburg County.

The group asked that anyone protesting this weekend do it in a peaceful and productive manner. They then spent time recapping the past few weeks and talking about what happened in the court room during the Kerrick trial.

"We the Charlotte Solidarity Coalition and its organizers from across the city seek to help the city understand and the residents, the responses of many, those of whom were affected by the courts decision and many decisions over the years," said one organizer speaking before the small crowd.

The group also said they wanted to help educate the community's youth.

According to Bree Newsome with the Tribe grassroots organization, they plan to go into Charlotte schools this year and talk to students about high profile court cases and police relations.


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