CMPD, Mayor Clodfelter address Kerrick mistrial

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Friday, the city of Charlotte and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department stood strong in saying even though the trial involving CMPD Randall "Wes" Kerrick was over, work is not done in the Charlotte community.

Mayor Dan Clodfelter called for action and understanding in the community and the police department reiterated their dedication to serving the people of Charlotte.

Kerr Putney, Chief of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said the department "strives for perfection" and said, "this community deserves our best effort."

RAW VIDEO: CMPD makes statement after mistrial in Kerrick case

CMPD charged Officer Kerrick with the death of Jonathan Ferrell two years ago. Friday, the jury wasn't able to come to a unanimous decision, and the trial was deemed a mistrial.

"We respect (the jury's) work and thoughtful consideration." Putney said.


"Regardless of what may happen now with respect to the pending charges against Officer Kerrick, we must continue to ask ourselves what we can do, what we must do to lessen our fear of each other, our misunderstanding of each other - fear and misunderstanding that can too often escalate when we find ourselves in tense or unfamiliar situations." Mayor Clodfelter said. "And that task requires all of Charlotte, each one of us, to take ownership of the issue. It is not something that anyone outside of Charlotte can do for us or to us; it is something we must do ourselves. It is not something we can put aside or leave for another day."

Clodfelter asks people to consider the thoughts of people with different experiences than them and use this situation to become better listeners and a stronger community.

"As a community must respect all of those different views of the world and those different voices; they matter. They all matter if we are to figure out a way forward from this tragedy."


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