WATCH LIVE: Mistrial declared in Randall 'Wes' Kerrick trial

A mistrial has been declared in the trial of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Officer Randall Kerrick, charged with voluntary manslaughter in the September 2013 shooting death of unarmed Jonathan Ferrell.

The jury has been deliberating since Tuesday afternoon when they were handed the case, which began in July.

The case against Kerrick was in the courtroom for five weeks, but the trial was initially expected to last ten weeks.

It began on July 20 with jury selection, which took nine-days to get into place. Opening statements were heard on August 3 and within two days, the dashcam video from the deadly shooting was seen publicly for the first time.

The state rested its case on August 11 and Kerrick took the stand in his own defense two days later.

Two years ago, Kerrick and other responding officers had identified Ferrell as a possible burglary suspect after a woman called 911 overnight to report a stranger was banging on her door and trying to kick it in.

State prosecutors say Ferrell had been injured after wrecking his car and was seeking help at the woman's house when he was mistaken as a burglar. They argue Ferrell ran in Kerrick's direction after fearing for his life when another officer deployed his taser, with red laser beams pointing at Ferrell's chest.

The defense argues that Kerrick shot in self defense.

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