Pint-sized meteorologist will surprise you with his skills

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Tyler Shaw will tell you all about the dangers of tornadoes and lightning. He'll tell you the importance of "seeking shelter as soon as possible" in the event of severe weather.

He's a 7-year-old obsessed with the weather, and his hero is WBTV's First Alert Chief Meteorologist Eric Thomas.

"He surprises me every day," Tyler's dad, Melvin Shaw, says.

The 1st grader started becoming obsessed with learning about the weather when he was in kindergarten and his teacher did a weather lesson.

Since then, he is constantly studying books about weather and also makes forecast videos his mom posts to a special Facebook page she set up for him.

His favorite type of weather is an EF-5 tornado. When he answers why, it might just blow your mind.

"The giant spinning rotation and the multiple spinning vortices inside the tornado," Tyler says with the confidence of a seasoned professional.

At 7, Tyler already has his future planned out. He's hoping to attend a special weather school in Oklahoma and become a storm chaser. He also adds, with some authority, he's going to work at WBTV as well.

Watch out Eric Thomas.

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