BLOG: Kids! Become a Young Meteorologist!

BLOG: Kids! Become a Young Meteorologist!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As school is approaching, I thought about how I could join the party and offer some educational tools for children interested in weather. If you have a son or daughter interested in weather, or perhaps frightened by weather as I was when I was young, I have a resource for you that you might find valuable.

Click on this link:

It is Owlie Skywarn's Ready-Weather Kid's page. There are a number of links and activities to click on here, and they are all worth checking out.

But I would recommend clicking on the link, "Become a Young Meteorologist." This takes you to a game which is dubbed "Severe Weather Awareness Adventure." There are a number of challenges from Hurricanes to Floods to Lightning to Tornadoes to Winter Storms.

Participants not only learn how to stay safe but they pick up some science education along the way.

And that's just a fraction of the depth of this web site; go back to the main page and try those other links, too.

One day I'll be needing a replacement! Who knows, maybe your kid will be the next Charlotte Meteorologist!

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