BLOG: Apartment manager changes lives of residents

BLOG: Apartment manager changes lives of residents

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Rindy Kirkman is one of those people who takes her job well beyond its definition. She's not looking for praise or a bigger paycheck, she does it because she sees a need and has a heart exploding with love for the people she serves.

By definition, Rindy Kirkman is a property manager. But to the people who live there, she's a Godsend. Rindy manages the Woodstone Apartments in Charlotte. The complex is filled with families, lots of kids and teens. Even some older neighbors. Rindy loves them all. According to those who know her well, she works tirelessly to make the lives of her residents better in any way she can!

I learned about Rindy reading an article in the Charlotte Observer. The piece focused on one of the many programs Rindy has implemented for kids of her complex. A reading program where Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officers come and read to kids. Rindy wanted to make sure the young kids and teens kept themselves busy during summer break. That's how her latest brainchild was born.

"She's a blessing to those families. She cares deeply about all of them," Lieutenant John Thornton from CMPD told me. "The reading program is amazing, but it's just one small part of how she shows the people in her complex they matter, their lives matter, they have a purpose here."

It didn't take long in our conversation to realize Rindy is exactly what we love to celebrate with Mo's Heroes, people who go the extra mile to help others, plain and simple.

Lt. Thornton has been visiting the kids at Woodstone for four years now. He said Rindy wanted the kids to grow up and know officers personally.

"I'll see kids running up to an officer and wrapping their arms around them (officers), they call them out by name, with big smiles on their faces," he told me. "Rindy made that happen. She created the environment that really gave these people the respect they deserve, allowed us to come be a part of that. I know some officers who have known some of the kids since they were babies and they're big kids now. I know one who said recently 'I held you when you were a baby'! These visits are not just good for the kids, they're good for us too. This is our chance to make that connection with the people we serve. It's really amazing! And Rindy is a huge part of this ongoing process."

This Thursday is the last of summer break. You'll probably find a gathering in Rindy's office even before 10 a.m. Eager faces of happy children excited to read and excited the men and women in blue are there to join them. Lt. Thornton says it's always a blast.

"We read, but we also have so many laughs…and of course there are lessons. You know how kids' books are, there's a moral, or a learning opportunity and it's good for them. We read a line, then the kids read a line. They are so anxious for their next turn to read, it's adorable," Lt. Thornton told me.

He helped spearhead the program. He told me how proud he was when his own kids collected books 80 books to add to Rindy's collection.

When I asked for pictures of Rindy, there was only one Lt. Thornton had. It was funny when I ask him where the picture was taken, I thought maybe she was being given an award. No. She's not getting the award, she actually nominated some of the officers who visit the kids at the complex. Rindy is there in the center at the annual Community Relations Awards ceremony.

Mo's Heroes don't get a trophy, but you get my thanks for all you do. You could just clock in and clock out. But you're going the extra mile... you're paving our future. And how much brighter it will be because of how much you care! Thank you Rindy Kirckman, Thank You!

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