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Former Wake Forest offensive lineman works on broadcasting career in Charlotte

(Wes Bryant | YouTube) (Wes Bryant | YouTube)

Wes Bryant grew up loving food. He says his grandmother would often shoo him out of the kitchen because as she cooked it, he ate it.

His goal after college was to become a broadcaster, but he was hitting one closed door after another. "You just don't get many replies back in this industry but the ones I did get back said you just don't have enough experience," Wes said.

So he made a way to get himself some experience. He’s created a YouTube show where he interviews local chefs and local athletes about food.

The show combines his two loves; food and sports.

It's called "Wes Got Range" and focuses on local eateries, athletes and on exploring other people’s love for food. "I said I'm just gonna do this my way I'm not going to worry about being buttoned up and worrying about who's watching this. I'm just going do it my way and let my personality shine," Wes said. And that's exactly what he's done.

Wes hopes his show will take off and gain a loyal following, while also giving him the much needed “experience” that's held him back.

Check out his YouTube channel here

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