WBTV investigates drivers passing stopped school buses

WBTV investigates drivers passing stopped school buses

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The numbers tell the story.

The state of North Carolina tracked the number of drivers passing by stopped school buses, illegally, on March 18, 2015.  In Mecklenburg County, alone, 723 drivers passed stopped school buses on that one day.

It points to what continues to be a problem on area roadways.  Drivers aren't paying attention and that is putting children in danger.

We've reported to you the initiatives to put cameras on buses with the hope that the threat of being caught would wake drivers up.

Rowan County has been chosen as one of seven school districts state wide chosen to test a longer stop arm on ten of it's buses to see if that is a red alert to drivers.

Now, WBTV is stepping in with a new initiative and we hope you will help.

We're asking you to use #Brake4Buses on social media and alert us to any problem spots you see on the roadways.  We'll investigate.

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