ALLYSON'S JOURNEY: Charlotte mom writes blog about battle with cancer

ALLYSON'S JOURNEY: Charlotte mom writes blog about battle with cancer


This is not the "normal" time Molly posts my blog, but I have something to say. I'm emailing this to her. If I see it on Facebook later tonight, I'll know she wanted it shared.

In the course of four weeks, three of my friends are having double mastectomies to save their lives from breast cancer. One was last week. One today. Another on August 26th. 

- They're all between the ages of 35-42.
- They all have young children.
- They're all without family history.
- They all live in Charlotte.

All three are just like me. Can you believe that? This is just one city. It absolutely breaks my heart.

As I write this, one of those friends is in surgery. Her family is in the waiting room, where they will sit anxiously while waiting to hear whether or not the breast cancer spread to her lymph nodes. Pathology won't come back for another week.

Tomorrow night, I will have dinner with my friend having surgery on the 26th. We will talk about how crappy it all is. Why us? I am sure we will drink wine and – despite the reality – try to keep positive thoughts. She already knows her cancer spread to her lymph nodes. For her, the 26th is about finding out if chemo got rid of the cancer in her breasts.

Please keep her in your thoughts. She has a husband and two young boys at home. I'm sure they're terrified.

Last night, as I do most every night, I lay down with my 3-year-old daughter for bedtime prayers. We made special mention of my friend going through surgery today. I quietly cried as my baby girl peacefully fell asleep.

I don't want my daughter to EVER go through this.

I will do everything in my power to prevent that.

Yesterday, I signed up for Komen Charlotte's "Race for a Cure" - Team Molly. I signed up for her team last year BEFORE I EVER HAD BREAST CANCER. I just knew other women needed my help. I went there alone. One week after the Race I found my own lump.

Never did I think I'd be the woman back this year knowing how cancer feels.

I encourage you to join us October 3rd. Click here to sign up for #TeamMolly. 

Go to for more on the race. 

"Race for the Cure" is about fundraising and treatments, I know. But last year I got wrapped up in the love and emotion of being there that morning. It made me want to teach PREVENTION. Four weeks later I was suddenly diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer.

This October 3rd, I can't wait to wear a t-shirt that proudly says "Survivor".

Thank you, all, for reading this. If Molly posts it.

(Hey, Molly - that's my guilt trip in getting you to do it.)

SIDEBAR FROM MOLLY: Are you kidding me, Allyson? As if I wouldn't post. I'm in tears over the part about "not wanting your daughter to go through this."  With my deep family history, I totally get that fear. I think lots of people understand that - men and women
alike. And, three of your friends in four weeks, all as young and vibrant as you? This is exactly why October 3rd matters. Thank you for sharing your heart and honesty with us. It's powerful.

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Editor's Note: A 39-year-old Charlotte mom is battling aggressive breast cancer. Allyson Gahan has no family history. She's young. Vibrant. Her world was rocked when the diagnosis came late last year. Allyson asked if she would be able to do a personal blog through Molly Grantham's Facebook page. She wanted to showcase the reality of how life changes when cancer hits. Brilliant idea. She sent Molly her raw thoughts – Molly writes them into a "blog."

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