Fingerprint leads police to bank robbery suspect

Fingerprint leads police to bank robbery suspect
Jemichael Strong
Jemichael Strong

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A fingerprint left behind by a bank robber helped investigators quickly identify the suspect, according to police.

Police say Jemichael Lovell Strong used a piece of paper to cover the top of a silver handgun when he robbed First Citizens Bank on Randolph Road July 27.

After demanding cash from the tellers, Strong allegedly left the bank with nearly $4000 in cash, but left behind the piece of paper containing his fingerprints.

Investigators say the print was a match with Strong, and that he also fit the description given by witnesses and the bank surveillance footage.

Strong was arrested on July 31 in connection with the robbery.

Surveillance video showed that Strong visited the bank four days before the robbery wearing a security guard uniform. but he did not conduct any business on the visit, according to police.

Police say they searched an apartment where Strong lives with his girlfriend and found a silver handgun and a security guard uniform.

The girlfriend told police she works for a local security company and the uniform is hers. According to police, she and Strong are of similar physical stature.

When investigators showed bank surveillance images to Strong's girlfriend, police say she identified the man as Strong.

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