BLOG: Back-to-school - Loose tooth

BLOG: Back-to-school - Loose tooth

We're approaching one of the memorable milestones in the Sperow's Nest just as the new school year is about to start.

A few days ago my daughter said, "Mommy I have a loose tooth!"

My whole family was riding in the car at the time and thank goodness I was in the passenger seat (and not behind the wheel of the moving car) because I immediately turned around and said, "Let me see!"

Camryn took her index finger, moved it along her bottom teeth until she got to the loose one and sure enough it wiggled underneath her fingertip.

The lump in my throat began to grow…for a couple reasons.

1. My baby's growing up!!!

2. Her tooth became loose right as we were dropping her off to visit Grandma and Grandpa Nelson for an extended weekend while mommy went out of town. What if it fell out while I was gone??!!

I got some assurance thanks to FaceTime that her tooth didn't fall out while I was away. But how exciting that she will soon have a similar smile as some of her new classmates in the first grade who are already missing some teeth.

The next question now: How much money does the "tooth fairy" leave for teeth these days??

- Christine Sperow

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