See how the N Charlotte Toyota Prius stacks up against the Ford C-Max!

See how the N Charlotte Toyota Prius stacks up against the Ford C-Max!
Toyota Hybrid near Charlotte
Toyota Hybrid near Charlotte
The latest and greatest trend is going green with everything! Paper straws, recycled clothing and… hybrid cars!! Hybrid cars are the all the rage because not only do they save you major cash at the gas pump, but they produce low emissions that helps protect the environment from smog! Since hybrid cars are becoming so popular nowadays, all automotive makers are producing a version or two! For example, the 2015 Ford C-Max is a hybrid car produced by Ford.

The Toyota Prius vs. the Ford C-Max

The Toyota Prius really began the hybrid movement that has caught fire in the automotive industry! It was the hybrid that started it all. The Toyota hybrid cars originally began with it and have since expanded from there!
While the Ford C-Max has a little more horsepower, our 2015 Toyota hybrid completely stomps the Ford hybrid. The new Toyota Prius near Charlotte is high tech, safe and of course- extremely fuel efficient!
People love this N Charlotte Toyota because it’s full of gadgets and convenience features that make being behind the wheel easier and more enjoyable. Features like:
  • The available Entune Audio system with components like an auxiliary audio jack, iPod playing capabilities and Bluetooth wireless connectivity!
  • Also optional with the Entune system is a navigation system and Entune App Suite! You can get turn by turn directions as well as make dinner reservations or buy movie tickets all from the comfort of the driver’s seat!
  • If you need assistance in reverse, the backup camera is there to help you squeeze out of that tight spot or park against the curb!

A Toyota hybrid near Charlotte is safe and efficient!

This 2015 Toyota has safety features weaved throughout designed to keep you and your loved ones protected from those unavoidable hazards on the open road.
While the Ford C-Max and this N Charlotte Toyota hybrid have many safety features in common, the N Charlotte Toyota Prius has advanced safety aspects that the Ford hybrid lacks.
  • A Pre-Collision system is available to help protect passengers from a frontal collision. This system detects a collision is about to happen and automatically retracts the front seatbelts and applies the brakes!
  • Also available in this Toyota hybrid is the Lane Keep Assist (LKA)! LKA audibly alerts the driver if it detects that the car is going to veer out of the lane it is in.
The part everyone loves about the Toyota Prius is, of course, its stellar fuel economy! Thanks to Toyota’s technology, Hybrid Synergy Drive, this car gets an estimated 51 mpg in the city and 48 mpg on the highway! This Toyota’s fuel economy blows the Ford C-Max out of the water! Save money in fuel costs and help save the environment when you drive this green car!
We put the Ford C-Max up against the 2015 Toyota Prius- and we think the winner is clear! Take a test drive in a new Toyota hybrid near Charlotte! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd., just off of I-77 at exit 23!