BLOG: You call THAT a cold front?

BLOG: You call THAT a cold front?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Over the next few days, we're expecting a cold front to move through the Carolinas. It will hopefully bring much needed rain on Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday through Friday, we will see a refreshing change in temperature and humidity.

Of course, take that with a grain of salt.

When I say refreshing, it's all relative.

Yes, it will feel pretty nice outside compared to Monday and Tuesday when it will be fairly warm and muggy. Just don't expect it to feel like fall by late week.

Here's what happens: A cold front is sort of a dividing line between warmer and cooler air. The air behind a cold front comes from the north. I don't think many people would argue that, on average, the farther north you go, the cooler the air tends to be – especially in the winter. Winter time cold fronts can really mean business and drop temps 10-20 degrees… sometimes more.

Why don't we see drastic temperature drops like that in the summer?

As an air mass moves over land, it begins to take on the characteristics of the land beneath it. In the winter, an air mass behind a cold front that is moving over Canada… the Dakotas… areas we know are already cold, the air tends to stay cold also. In the summer, a "cold" air mass may start over Canada - which is mild compared to the winter. Then it moves over the northern part of the US, which may be pretty warm, considering it's summer and the sun's rays are warming up the area just like it's warming us up in Charlotte. As the cold air mass moves over "not so cold" land, it begins to lose its characteristic cold air. By the time is gets to us, it doesn't feel much like a cold front at all. The temp may fall a few degrees and the humidity may lower since it has moved over a drier land mass – but sometimes we're lucky if the mercury even drops 5 degrees. Many times we're just lucky if the front even makes it to the Carolinas. Most of the time, in the summer, they wash out before they get to us.

SO, don't expect crazy changes after the cold front moves through next week. Don't worry though. If the heat is just too much for you, fall isn't that far away. Before you know it, it will be cold again… and we'll be complaining about that!

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