BLOG: What an open garage door means to criminals

BLOG: What an open garage door means to criminals

Picture this: the sun is setting heading into a beautiful summer night in Charlotte, and you're planning a relaxing evening at home.

The kids are out at a neighbor's house for a few hours, so they're safe. No worries there.

You just finished up some things in the garage, and after all, what will it hurt to leave the garage door open for a while until the kids get home?

Sound familiar? Sure it does. And at this moment, it's also a familiar story to the bad guys who are driving through your neighborhood seeking out "targets of opportunity".

As a matter of fact, they're counting on you. Counting on you to give them less than two minutes inside your residence so they can carry out their criminal intent on yet another unsuspecting family. Because they know that this time of year when unsupervised garage doors are open in abundance.

Don't believe me? Next evening, take a drive through your neighborhood, housing development or HOA and you'll see exactly what I mean. According to police, this concern is city wide and not restricted to any particular area.

So often we are willing to let convenience get in the way of our personal safety, and we get lured into a false sense of security. I've heard many reports of people who leave their cars unlocked in their open garages. After just a few minutes when they return to their car, things have been stolen off the seat and out of the center console.

This is what I was referring to earlier as targets of opportunity for criminals. While much of the theft from cars and garages is small, or petty theft, when we are a victim, it still makes us feel violated. And no one wants a stranger inside their home.

So next time you feel comfortable leaving your garage door open, remember the message you are sending to criminals, "An open garage, equals an open invitation."

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