New eye procedure may eliminate the need for reading glasses

New eye procedure

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A new eye procedure does something Lasik surgery doesn't do.

"It eliminates the need for reading glasses," Dr. Trey Oursler with Greystone Eye tells WBTV.  The practice claims to be the first in the area to implant the Kamra Corneal Inlay.

It is a solution for aging eyes that struggle to see a menu in a dark restaurant or the newspaper print any closer than arms length.

"It's a small ring that goes in a corneal pocket that we create with a laser that's designed to block unfocused light and allow that eye to not only see using distance vision, but also midrange and near," Oursler said.

Patients promise they don't feel any pain and Dr. Oursler says the inlay is designed to last forever, without losing functionality with age.

Sandy Arndt had the procedure after she began to lose her ability to see her computer screen at work and the papers on her desk.
"I probably would have had to retire. I couldn't find anything at work that I could see," Arndt said.

After the procedure she went back to work the next day and doesn't wear glasses any longer.

"The right candidate already has good distance vision," Oursler cautioned.
This procedure has been approved in Europe and Canada for some time.  100,000 procedures have been done worldwide.  The FDA approval here just took some time.

Insurance won't cover the Kamra implant.  The procedure starts at $4,000.  Several other doctors at various practices in the Charlotte region now perform this procedure.

To read the FDA decision on the safety of the procedure, click here.

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