Don't download a phony Windows 10 upgrade

Downloading Windows 10 safely

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You've learned by now that online scammers go where the action is.

Right now the hot download for PC users is the new Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft.

WBTV Cyber Expert, and CEO of Fortalice Solutions, Theresa Payton, says she didn't expect it would take long before the scams around Windows 10 began.  She says CISCO recently sent an alert about a scam email making the rounds.  Theresa breaks down what you need to know and her advice follows:


1.  Beware of emails that look like they are from "" in the header that offer a free upgrade by clicking on a link - don't do this!

Microsoft has said they will NOT send you an unsolicited email with a link to download their software

2.  When in doubt, go to a safe search engine to make sure you get routed to the official company site


What happens if you do get duped?  The cybercriminals hold your files for ransom until you pay cash to get your files back.

For more information on safely downloading Windows 10, click here.

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