Molly's Kids: First child to receive CBD oils because of new NC law

Molly's Kids: First child to receive CBD oils because of new NC law

CABARRUS COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Meet Lexie Scott. This 12-year-old is about to start CBD oils BECAUSE of North Carolina's new law signed by Governor Pat McCrory in mid-July.

CBD oils became legal in NC over the weekend -- August 1st -- for anyone with intractable epilepsy. Lexie is one of the first children we've heard directly affected by the legislation.

Lexie lives is in Cabarrus County, home of Representative Carl Ford, one of the only two Reps who voted against legalizing this strain of medical marijuana that can't get you high. For those keeping political tabs, everyone in the Senate voted "Yes" to this bill.

The House voted with overwhelming support of 112-2.

Carl Ford and Jay Adams (Catawba County) are the only Reps who voted "No". When we emailed them asking why they voted "No", Ford didn't reply.

Adams replied with four words: "Why do you ask?"

We answered, and asked again. He never wrote back.

But back to 12-year-old Lexie...

The new law says anyone in North Carolina with intractable epilepsy can now take CBD oils legally, as long as they have a letter saying it's recommended by their board-certified neurologist.

There is no official letter. Your doctor just needs to write one.

It has to have three things in it:

  • That the doctor writing it is caring for the patient.
  • That the patient has intractable epilepsy.
  • That the patient may benefit from CBD oil or hemp oil treatment.

Lexie's mom, Rebecca, says Lexie is getting her letter from her doctor at Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center Wednesday, Aug 4.

She also mentioned that parents in NC are helping each other network and share information on this Facebook page.

As we've reported many times, this new law does not tell you where or how to get CBD oils. Many places ship. Every parent -- Rebecca included -- has told WBTV News to "do the research".  Many say there are sites trying to sell this medicine that aren't legit.

The medicine is still not FDA-approved. As we've been reporting, CBD oils aren't a miracle drug. They have different results for different people.

"We're excited to have the chance to try," said Lexie's mom. "That's the whole point. To try what we can to get healthy."

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