BLOG: Do you want a child featured during pediatric cancer awareness month?

BLOG: Do you want a child featured during pediatric cancer awareness month?

Do you know a local family who has dealt or is dealing with pediatric cancer who might want me to feature their child this September?

This collage is of all the kids featured in September 2014. There were another 30 in 2013.

I post about local kids facing uphill medical battles because... well, I don't exactly know. I care. There are too many kids battling. I try to do little things I can. There's no rhyme or reason to my posts, only that I write every word. It's not a "station" thing, it's a "me" thing. Cancer has hit my family hard and there's something about it happening to a child that makes it feel even worse.

There should be a cure.

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month. My friend, Erin Santos (with The Isabella Santos Foundation) calls it Pediatric Cancer ACTION Month. That one word makes all the difference. Hopefully the awareness we generate here also spurs ACTION.

If you are the parent or family member of a child you'd like featured this September, here's what to do (it's easy!):
- Email me at
- Put "Molly's September Kids" in the subject line.
- Write me a note.
- Include a photo, your child's name, age, hometown & the diagnosis.
- Feel free to include a FB link, anecdotes, anything you want me to know.
- It can be a strong childhood survivor, someone currently fighting or someone with their angel wings.

That's it.

Some families never talk publicly because it's too hard. I absolutely understand.  But some do feel hugged by extra love and look at it as a way to pass along information. If that's the case for you, use me. I'm here. I'm offering.

Below I'm attaching links to the 30 beautiful kids from last year. You are welcome to share the links below.

Thank you all -- THANK YOU ALL -- in advance for caring.

Editor's note: WBTV Anchor Molly Grantham follows hundreds of kids with uphill medical battles on her Facebook page.  During the month of September for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, she features 30. One a day. You can find them all on her page here >>

Sept. 1 -- Sara Duncan
Sept. 2 -- Elijah Aschbrenner
Sept. 3 -- Kurious Wilson
Sept. 4 -- Zach Ramsey
Sept. 5 -- Hailey Amaral
Sept. 6 -- Beydn Swink
Sept. 7 -- Ian McFarland
Sept. 8 -- Aaliyah Schulze
Sept. 9 -- Aayla Gonyar
Sept. 10 -- Hartley Plyler
Sept. 11 -- Nicholas & Nathan Cooper
Sept. 12 – Simon Oaida
Sept. 13 -- Isabella Santos
Sept. 14 -- Brett Jensen
Sept. 15 -- Asher Thomas
Sept. 16 -- Jackson Laskowski
Sept. 17 -- Sam Rosebrock
Sept. 18 -- Grayson Craig
Sept. 19 -- Trinity Wood
Sept. 20 -- Wesley Thornburg
Sept. 21 -- Kayley Harper
Sept. 22 -- Winter Gilland
Sept. 23 -- Michael Botello
Sept. 24 -- Chris West
Sept. 25 -- Jordan Wilson
Sept. 26 -- Cooper Herman
Sept. 27 -- Kylee Walker
Sept. 28 -- Dominic Ayala
Sept. 29 – Jeremiah Kincaid
Sept. 30 -- Demetrius Samuel

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