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Keep your Toyota car safe from car thieves!

Protect your Toyota car from scheming scoundrels!

protect your Toyota car protect your Toyota car
N Charlotte Toyota anti-theft system N Charlotte Toyota anti-theft system

You may think it may never happen to you, but the statistics are staggering! In 2013, almost 700,000 motor vehicles were reported stolen in the United States! Also, in the U.S., a vehicle is reported stolen every 45 seconds! What’s even more astounding is that nearly half of all reported stolen vehicles were due to driver error or negligence. A new Toyota car is an important investment so it’s important to make sure you keep that investment protected from thieves and burglars! Toyota of North Charlotte wants to keep you and your car safe, so we’re sharing tips on how to thwart thieves from targeting your ride!

How to help protect your Toyota car from theft!

  • Park in a well-lit area! If you are leaving your car parked and unattended while the sun is down, make sure to find an area that is lit and/or under video surveillance! Criminals are less likely to mark your car because their chances of getting caught are higher!
  • Don’t leave anything worth value in plain sight! Before you get out of your N Charlotte Toyota car, remove any valuables! If they need to stay in the vehicle, put them out of sight and secure them. Take things like loose money, purses, iPods and wallets out of the car and lock them in your trunk before leaving the car unattended!
  • Lock up! A majority of reported stolen cars were left with the doors unlocked. Don’t give a thief the advantage! Lock all of your doors when you get out of the car to deter car thieves from taking a joy ride!
  • Roll up all windows and even the sunroof! Any access to the cabin of your vehicle makes it way easier for a thief to burglarize or steal your car!
  • NEVER leave the key to your N Charlotte Toyota car inside your car! Always take your keys with you! If you are leaving your car running, do not leave it unattended!

Did you know that North Carolina is among the top 10 states with the highest reported motor vehicle theft? Don’t be another number in car theft statistics! No one wants to return to a car with smashed windows, missing valuables or even worse- an empty parking spot! 

N Charlotte Toyota safety features protect your investment!

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