BLOG: Sew cool!

BLOG: Sew cool!

JULY is in the books and it was fun month! Especially because....both mine and my daughter's birthday are in July. It turns out my favorite gift is one that
she ended up getting for her birthday!

What some of you don't know about me is I love to cross stitch. My mother taught me how to do it when I was a young girl, around 11-12 years old, and it has stuck with me into adulthood.

I've made all kinds of patterns which include in recent years a beautiful 11x14 birth announcement as a keepsake when my daughter was has the date she was born, how much she weighed, etc. (I'm still working on my son's that I hope to have finished before he graduates high school, but I digress).

Anywho, I have envisioned in my head one day teaching my daughter how to do the same. That moment came sooner than I expected.

Maybe this is something you can get your child into if the summer has included too much time in front of the TV and other brain-cell-sucking electronics!

One of Camryn's birthday gifts from her great aunt is called Sew Cute. It's for children ages 5+. I highly recommend it! The patterns are simple, yet still will require some adult assistance...since pointy needles, specific stitches are involved.

So it's something my daughter and I are doing together...and hopefully building lasting memories and the same quality time I remember experiencing with my mom.

We haven't finished the first pattern yet. It's of a partially bitten red apple. And I'm going to do my best to not act on my thoughts of sneaking in a few stitches here and there while she's not looking because I'm dying to see how the final result will look.

Once complete maybe it can make the perfect gift for her teacher when we come upon the start of....oh I don't want to say it...(wincing)... b--k to sch--l.

~Christine Sperow

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