Blog: Who's getting all of our rain?

Blog: Who's getting all of our rain?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We've had a beautiful weekend… near normal temps… relatively low humidity…Carolina Blue skies… Yet, we would love to see some rain! We're just never happy, are we?

This won't make you much happier. Do you know where the rain is falling?

It's falling over the ocean. Does anyone else find that as maddening as I do? Ok, Florida is also getting rain. To be fair, they need the rain too. Many parts of the state are also under drought conditions. The ocean however, is just being greedy. (I do know it doesn't work that way.)

So why is this happening?

For one thing, there's a front stalled out across Florida that stretches into the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. That may stay there for a few days. The other reason is that the upper level winds are simply keeping the moisture away from us and keeping it over the water. It's like a conveyor belt of water vapor… that we simply aren't on. The only benefit we can enjoy is the lower humidity we've had this weekend.

The good news is that by the end of this week and next weekend, the models are trying to form a new low over the South that will hopefully break down this pattern and bring us better rain chances. We'll hope for the best… and try not to hold it against the ocean!

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