Blog: July weather wrap-up

Blog: July weather wrap-up

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - July 2015 is over and in the books and Charlotte, and to no surprise, we ended up being above average temperature-wise for the month, and below average with rain.

The highest temperature we reached in July was 99° on the 9th and 10th. Surprisingly, we never made it to 100° after hitting the triple digits 5 times in June!

We also never fell below 67° all month as that was the monthly low. The average high temperature was 93.2° while the low average was 70.9°, yielding a 3.5° above average temp departure for the month.  We spent 26/31 days above average in the 90s, with the remaining 5 days below average in the 80s.

As for rain, we continue to play catch-up in rainfall for the year and July did not help much in that department. The rainfall in July was 1.21", 2.47" below normal. As of the end of the month, the total for the year of 2015 is 18.58", which is 5.80" behind where we need to be.

As we look ahead towards the month of August and the last month of meteorological summer, we are probably all hoping for cooler temps and more rain! The average high temperature going into the month is 88°, which drops down to 86° by the month's end.

August averages 4.22" of rain. Typically the tropical season starts to heat up in August and September, so hopefully we will be able to pick up some good rainfall over this upcoming month to alleviate the moderate to severe drought across the viewing area.

As for the length of day the sunrise for our first day of August was at 6:32 AM and our sunset is at 8:27 PM. As the month rolls on our sunrises will be later and our sunsets will be earlier, meaning by the end of the month we will have lost about an hour of day length. The sunrise on August 31 will be at 6:55 AM with a sunset of 7:52 PM.

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