BLOG: Panthers open another Camp Wofford

BLOG: Panthers open another Camp Wofford

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I started covering Panthers training camp in Spartanburg way back in 1995.

That was the first year for the Cats and fast forward now to 2015 and the first day of camp always feels the same for most fans. Like there's nothing that can stop their team from going to the Super Bowl.

The Panthers may be the healthiest they've been in a long time, and this year they're actually picked by a lot of experts to repeat as NFC South Champs for a third straight year and advance perhaps to the Super Bowl.

Heck even defensive end Mario Addison predicted that the Panthers were going to the Super Game yesterday before taking the field.

And  that should make fans a little queasy in their stomachs.

Every time the Panthers have come off a good year and have been predicted to do even better the following season, well many of you know the results. NOT GOOD!

But as I like to say: Hope Springs Eternal! Positive talk may just speak it into existence this time around. Panthers fans would love that.

And so would we here at WBTV. The Super Bowl is on CBS this year!!