Body shop leaves truck in pieces, unfinished after four years

Couple waits years for paint job

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A Cleveland County couple is still waiting to get a truck back that they took to a body shop to have painted in 2011.

Harold and Margaret Scott brought a 1968 Chevy truck to Xtreme Kustomz in Shelby in 2011. The truck belonged to Harold's father and the couple inherited it after his death. They wanted to repair some rust spots on the truck and have it re-painted.

An invoice from November 2011 shows the Scotts paid $2,500 for a list of body work to be done to the truck including replacing the fenders, repairing rust spots, fixing dents and dings, a new two-tone paint job and a spray-on bed liner.

Four years later the truck sits dismantled inside a garage at Xtreme Kustomz.

"Last time I seen it, it was piled up with old car seats and junk," Harold Scott said. "Sometimes I go up there and he would say 'we're fixing to pull it in right now and work on it.' and that'd be it. I'd go back the next Monday and it'd be sitting right in the same place."

A manager at the shop, Eric, told On Your Side Investigates that the car needed more work that he originally anticipated.

"Basically, I'm in over my head on this truck but I don't want to leave them stranded, you know what I mean?" Eric the manager said. I'm the kind of guy, I'd rather go ahead and work on it little by little and fix it up for the guys."

The body shop claimed it has already invested more than $2,500 worth of work into the truck. Eric said he was continuing to work on the truck as he had time because he wanted to help the Scotts.

He said this despite the fact that the invoice from his company made in 2011 included the body repair work that the truck required.

"This is becoming an extensive job, you know what I mean?" Eric said. "More than what they're paying for, really."

Harold Scott said he'd just like to see the truck restored back to the way it was when his father bought it in 1968.

"That's what I tried to do to the old truck," Scott said, "Keep it fixed up, looking good, because it was my daddy's truck."

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