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Fallout over CMS employee John Floyd going back to work


Some Charlotte Mecklenburg School (CMS) District teachers are troubled former Harding University High School principal John Floyd still works for the district.  

Floyd was given a district office position dealing with professional development and analyzing data after a video surfaced of him allegedly threatening a teacher. 

Soon after that reassignment he was recently suspended after a nude picture, that appears to be him, surfaced online. CMS states it conducted a thorough investigation and allowed him back to work on July 27. Teachers are outraged. They think recent investigations should have been enough to give Floyd a harsher punishment. They claim there is now a double standard in the district. 

"We've had people on our staff let go for far less," Anonymous Teacher said. "And how is that fair, he gets to keep his job when he is in blatant violation of the North Carolina Code of Ethics that we all are supposed to be upheld to."

Part of The Code of Ethics for Educators states under Standards of Personal Conduct  "The educator shall serve as a positive role model for students, parents, and the community. Because the educator is entrusted with the care and education of small children and adolescents, the educator shall demonstrate a high standard of personal character and conduct."

"If I had nude photos of myself out there," the teacher said. "I would be removed."

The teacher tells WBTV other educators have called stunned at CMS' decision.  The school district says it conducted a thorough investigation and deemed it was ok for Floyd to return to work. 

"Complete disappointment in CMS," she said. "And that CMS is sending a clear message that their standards are way lower than what they should be, and what they used to be as far as educators in this district."

At a time when CMS is looking for effective educators, the teacher believes this episode may turn some people off.   

"You can't expect to have the trust of the teachers," the teacher said. "And your support staff and other administrators if this is the type of behavior that is allowed." 

WBTV has reached out to CMS and John Floyd looking for comment about this.


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