TeamNOSugar: A special shout out!

Team No Sugar: A special shout out

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's day 14 of our latest #TeamNOSugar 30 day challenge - which means we're almost halfway through! Are you excited? Feeling strong and empowered? 
You should be! I've heard from so many of you about the success you've had – and it is SO inspiring. Believe it or not, it keeps me focused!

Sometimes I feel like some people think it's somehow easier for me – then it would be for them to do this. I'm here to tell you – it's NOT. I've never said that #teamNOSugar is easy. EVER! But it is worth it.

Don't let this whole 'she's on TV' thing fool ya – I struggle just like you.

Which is why I'm thrilled whenever I hear from any of my warriors – that's what I call my #TeamNOSugar peeps – about the awesome success YOU are having.

Which brings me to the shout-out I just have to give Darlene and Willis Russell. Darlene first reached out to me on Twitter – and then sent me an email about their journey.

I'm SO proud of the work their doing! Check out the special shout out I gave them on WBTV First at 4 today by watching the video above!

And remember – you CAN do this. All you have to do is put your mind to and decide you want to join the movement and change your life!

There's no sign up – just decide you're ready to take charge of your health!

See the guidelines of #TeamNOSugar here.

Sixteen more days to go, folks! Stay the course, do the work and you will see results.

Remember, you got this! Wait – scratch that – WE got this!!

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