WBTV Secrets: Eric Thomas... rocker?

WBTV Secrets: Eric Thomas... rocker?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - I love telling station secrets!

How about an Eric Thomas WBTV secret?

It all began back in the early 80s. Eric wanted to be a pilot. What? Nope! He didn't always dream of weather. He had always dreamed of being a pilot in the Navy.

Unfortunately, he failed the flight physical. (Some sort of ear condition... as in his ear exploded during one of the tests.) I'll spare you any more about that part of the secret.

He had a degree from Penn State in Meteorology – mainly because he needed to pick a major and graduate to go to flight school. He kicked around the idea of going to back to grad school at Penn State but chose another path instead.

He joined a rock band.

Yep! Eric Thomas was the drummer in the Scott Ott Band. They played the PSU circuit circa 1983. If you were there, yep, same Eric Thomas.

Sometimes he still cranks up his computer speakers in the Weather Center and breaks out the "air drums". He's still got it!

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