WBTV Secrets: Ashley Stroehlein's career change

WBTV Secrets: Ashley Stroehlein's career change

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Want to hear a WBTV secret?

What were you doing last year? Have you made any big changes? Would you believe Ashley Stroehlein, our new Sports Anchor, was a teacher a year ago? Really!

She wasn't a tutor. She didn't volunteer in the afternoons. She was a math teacher at Hough High School with her own classes and students. Talk about a career change!

She grew up in a small town in Virginia. Her mom was a teacher. Her uncles were teachers. When she was in elementary school, she would walk across the football field between her school and her mom's to help "teach" her mom's special needs class. Teaching was all she knew. Plus, she knew a job was almost guaranteed upon graduation - so that's what she went to college for.

She loved teaching but it stressed her out to see all the kids who needed more help than she could give them as a teacher and coach. She thought about getting a Master's degree in education but she really wanted to try the sports thing. After a few years of talking/daydreaming about it, her mom told her she should either go for it and shut up... or just shut up. (She said it in the nicest way)

It didn't just happen though. She worked her hiney off!

She went back to school at night and still worked full time as a teacher during the day. Then she got an early morning job in radio and interned at WBTV, eventually landing a part time job – but keeping her crazy hours. She finally got the full time sports job last month. After wrapping up her radio job, she finally got a normal night's sleep – like last week.

Here's the best part. It's all she wanted it to be. (Don't you hate it when you build something up in your head and it's a let-down when you finally get it?) She works hard but says it never seems like work because she enjoys it so much.

I just know I'm glad she's here with me on the weekend team! I think it was totally worth all her hard work!

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