Learn how to deal with a car overheating with Toyota service!

Learn how to deal with a car overheating with Toyota service!
Toyota service center tips
Toyota service center tips
Have you ever had your car leave you stranded on the side of the road after it’s overheated? It can be a scary experience but our Toyota of North Charlotte auto service technicians are here to help! They are sharing Toyota service tips so you know what to do if your car starts to overheat!

How to handle an overheated car before getting Toyota service!

If your car starts to slow, shutter or smoke, you are most likely facing a car overheating. If you think your car is overheating here’s what you should do!
  • Pull over! Safely get off to the side of the road or park in a rest area parking lot. It’s important to stop driving a car that’s overheating as it could cause more damage if driven longer.
  • If you see steam or smoke coming from under the hood, do not open the hood! This steam or smoke could be dangerously hot or toxic so it’s important to wait until it has all cleared out and is no longer coming out from under the hood.
  • Take a peek at your coolant level. Check to see how much or little coolant fluid is left in the reservoir. Without proper coolant levels, a car’s radiator will overheat and cause a car to stop working. 
  • Call a towing service! An overheated car shouldn’t be driven more than a quarter of a mile, so it’s best to have a tow truck come pick you up and bring your car to our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!
Once your car is in the safe hands of our expert technicians, they can diagnose the problem and have it fixed in no time! Most of the time the problem behind an overheated car is easy to identify because there are four main causes: low coolant, a broken thermostat, a damaged cooling fan and a bad water pump.

Charlotte auto service techs explain 4 common causes of an overheated car!

As mentioned before, non-sufficient levels of coolant in your vehicle will cause it to overheat. Low coolant levels could be due leaks or holes in your cooling system! Have the experts at our Toyota Service Center determine if you need Charlotte radiator repair!
A broken internal thermostat can affect the way the car regulates its temperature, including all the heat coming from the engine. Without the temperature being regulated correctly, the car will not be able to handle the amount of heat being put out by the engine.
The cooling fan sits adjacent to the radiator and pushes colder air on to it. This keeps the temperature level lower and allows the car to run more efficiently. Often fan blades get broken or the motor gets worn out, so have our Toyota service technicians inspect your cooling fan for any issues!
A water pump in a car is detrimental to the cooling system. Have your water pump tested and replaced at our Toyota Service Center in Charlotte!
If you’re facing the after effects of an overheated car, bring it into our auto service center in Charlotte for affordable auto repairs! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Rd., just off of I-77!