Making a comeback against all odds

Making a comeback against all odds

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - If anyone knows how to make a comeback, it's Edwin McClure.  He shared his story, of battling Multiple Sclerosis and battling back to becoming a successful family man and now a motivational speaker, on WBTV News Sunday Morning.

McClure talked in detail about his five step plan for a Great Comeback.  The steps follow:

Step 1. Acknowledge Failure

We have to admit the failure. You can't fix the problem if you keep walking by it. I have participants focus one of their most disappointing moments.

Step 2. Review, Replay, Realize!

I immerse my participants in that moment. We review and replay that moment and look at it from a different angle. The goal here is to have the participants realize how to view obstacles from an objective perspective.

Step 3. Adjust and Plan

The previous step teaches participants how to slow down the situation and think through it. Here, I have participants project themselves into future scenarios, so they can visualize themselves thinking through and applying solutions to it.

Step 4. Deploy into Action

After learning the tools to better comprehend difficult situations, participants are motivated to deploy into action. Scripture teaches us "faith without works is dead." Plans without action become paperweights. Participants have to get moving in order to evoke a change.

Step 5. Start collecting Small Victories

I instruct participants to begin collecting small victories. So often, we want to see enormous victories, but I love Sun Tzu's quote "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." First we have to prove value to ourselves. Collect enough of these reinforcing wins, not only does our personal perspective change, habits begin to change—and so do the results.

If you'd like more information about Edwin McClure you can reach out to him via email at or visit his website by clicking here.

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