Blog: Wetter weather pattern on the horizon?

Blog: Wetter weather pattern on the horizon?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We've been talking for weeks now about the drought in the Carolinas, and with Charlotte still more than 5 inches below average for rain for the year, the big need for rain across our area.

Well there is finally some good news to report on the rain front. It looks like we may be entering a wetter weather pattern towards the end of next week.

Two of our main longer-range computer models are both hinting at a wet period across the East Coast beginning around the middle part of next week and lasting through next weekend. It looks like this moisture will have it's origins in the Gulf of Mexico, so we should be able to get some good rain out of this.

One model is even hinting at some tropical moisture, but it is too soon to hang our hat on that.

Charlotte does count on about 25% of our annual rainfall to come from tropical systems, so in order to put a good dent in our 5" rain deficit, we would need to see some of that tropical moisture this year.

Heading into August and September, we typically begin to see the Hurricane Season heat up, so if we were to pick up some tropical moisture, this would definitely be the timeframe when it would be most likely.

Stay tuned!