Homemade Pasta with Primavera Cream Sauce

Presented by Mary Guin, Owner & Founder of UChef

Homemade Pasta with Primavera Cream Sauce 
Recipe by: Mary Guin, Owner & Founder UChef: The Mini Culinary School in a Box (Link: http://bit.ly/UChef_box) 
Pasta from scratch is very simple, very inexpensive, and very delicious. The primavera cream sauce is a great way to use up fresh vegetables from your garden or your fridge. 
Basic Pasta Dough Recipe
•    3/4 cup All-Purpose Flour
•    3/4 cup Semolina Flour
•    2 large eggs
•    1/2 teaspoon salt
•    2 tablespoons olive oil

Prepare Pasta
Combine both flours and salt in mixing bowl. Make well in center of flour. Pour eggs and oil into center of well. Using a fork, break up the eggs. Begin to stir the egg and oil mixture, slowing start to incorporate the flour.

When mixture is loosely combined and shaggy, dump mixture, including excess flour onto work surface to begin kneading. Dough will be loose and appear not to come together but continue to work and kneed for 7-10 minutes, moving dough around board to collect unincorporated dry flour. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
Once mixture has rested in refrigerator for at least 1 hour, cut into 4 equal pieces. Wrap and return other pieces to fridge until ready to roll. When pasta is resting, prepare primavera sauce. (See below)
Prepare pot of salted boiling water to cook pasta. Lightly flour work surface, hands and rolling pin. Using hands, shape dough into flat disc. Switch to rolling pin and begin to roll out, starting from the center -  working outward. Once dough begins to snap-back, refusing to get any thinner, hold down the dough  closest to you with your palm and use rolling pin to roll away from you. This will stretch in addition to flatten the dough, allowing it to become thinner. Continue rolling until dough is paper thin.

Lightly dust dough with flour, roll-up or fold onto itself in thirds (like a letter) and cut into ¼ inch strips. Unfold strands and toss in extra flour. Set aside and allow to dry for 5-10 minutes before cooking. Repeat with extra dough in fridge.
Cook pasta in salted boiling water for 3-6 minutes until al dente. Reserve cooking water incase primavera sauce becomes too thick. 
Primavera Sauce:  
2 cups your choice of vegetables – carrots, mushrooms, and yellow squash.
1 cup heavy cream
Pinch each of salt, pepper & red pepper flakes 
Freshly grated nutmeg
Lemon zest
1 garlic clove

Lightly cook vegetables with oil, salt, pepper & pepper flakes until tender. Add cream and cook for about 1 minute. Using a zester or micro plane, add garlic, lemon zest and freshly grated nutmeg to taste. Toss with cooked pasta and cook for 1 more minute to combine. 
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