Molly's Kids: Lenoir girl with rare disease, beating odds (and smiling!)

Molly's Kids: Lenoir girl with rare disease, beating odds (and smiling!)

LENOIR, NC (WBTV) - This Lenoir girl has lots of things stacked against her, but strived in kindergarten and her mom says with the help of an aide, she made straight A's!

Deanna Lawson has Klippel Feil Syndrome, a rare disease affecting all major organs, spine, muscles, vision, hearing and causes chronic pain. She was adopted at birth by Janey Lawson.

"Dee was born to a homeless woman addicted to meth," said Janey. "In the first four months of life she had two major heart surgeries and four eye... surgeries, and she also only has one kidney. It's a lot. But we're full of love and she is amazing. I want the world to know about her."

Janey says her daughter also has autism and is nonverbal.

Again, all that, and straight A's.

She'll start 1st grade this fall at Gamewell Elementary.

Because she's now six years old and growing, Dee is starting to have additional issues. An MRI showed she has a hernia intertwined around the main artery in her lower abdomen. Janey says it could rupture anytime. There's also a 1/4-inch mass on her spinal cord.

Her mother had been trying to decide where to have the surgeries -- California or Boston or Philadelphia? – just yesterday a pre-op date was set for September 2nd in Philly.

"We just really want her story known," says Janey. "You can have obstacles, not know what the next hour brings, and still keep on smiling."

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