Temps decrease to lower 90s, much-needed rain not likely

A weak cold front passed through the region Tuesday night and now we can expect fewer thunderstorms going forward with cooler temperatures expected through the weekend. Highs both Monday and Tuesday were 98°, but the remainder of the week should see afternoon readings reduced to the lower 90s.

That's the good news, sort of.

The reality is, we are in desperate need of rain and frankly, behind the front, there's not a lot in the forecast. That's bad news. The new air mass behind Tuesday's front is drier and that will promote plenty of sunshine today and slightly lower humidity levels, but also make much-needed rain hard to come by. A weak wave of low pressure riding east along the stalled front to our south may bring a shot at some showers Thursday, but widespread rain looks unlikely.

Heading toward Friday and into the weekend brings a return to dry conditions, and unfortunately, I'm not seeing a great chance for rain even after the weekend.

-Al Conklin

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