Brigida's Blog: You made it 7 days - now what?!

Brigida's Blog: You made it 7 days - now what?!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You've survived the first week of #TeamNOSugar – congrats! It's no easy feat, and your body should be settling into a good rhythm. The withdrawal symptoms that leave you feeling like a junkie going through detox – I'm looking at YOU, headaches – should have subsided and you also should have started feeling the GOOD things that come with cutting sugar. And yes, there are good things!

Your energy, for one thing. You should really feel like you have a lot more of it. No more feeling sluggish after a heavy carb-y meal or crashing when the sugar high from your afternoon soda and snack-from-the-vending-machine combo is over.  No more feeling stuffed and like you need a nap right after dinner. You know the one I'm talking about. That straight to the couch feeling that overwhelms you on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas!

You should also be feeling lighter, more alert and even sleeping more soundly!

Oh, and the scale should also be showing you that you're down a few pounds. Everyone is different, of course – so don't freak out and throw in the towel if it hasn't! I lost 4 lbs my first week on #TeamNOSugar. And honestly, that was enough to motivate me to keep going!

So whether it's the number on the scale, how you feel or even if your clothes are starting to feel looser – hopefully you are encouraged enough to KEEP GOING.

By the way – the temptations don't stop (hello, Eric Thomas with the brownie during this week's staff meeting!!) but it should get easier to say no. Do whatever you have to do to say no.

Sometimes, I literally say out loud, 'you don't really want it. You only THINK you do'.

I've also taking to snapping a photo and posting about it. Anything to show that I'm staying strong and saying no! And I do that – at least in part - to show you that I'm human just like you.

Other tricks to saying no:
-Immediately walk away from the temptation
-Go for a walk. Even if it's a lap in the parking lot at work. ANYTHING to get your mind off what you think you just gotta have at that moment. 
-Call a friend/family member/accountability partner. Anybody who can talk you down of the ledge and remind you WHY you're doing this in the first place. 
-Have a piece of fruit instead. It's about tricking your mind – and then training it – to be satisfied with something different. Something naturally sweet instead of all the heavily processed stuff.

The last thing I want you to remember: your taste buds will adjust. Seriously. They WILL adjust!
At the end of this 30 days – it's likely that a lot of the things you used to eat with ease will now be too sweet. You'll find that fruit is sweet enough! Just wait.

Again, congrats on surviving the first week! It's the hardest part, so kudos for not quitting!!

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