New digital adapter causes billing confusion for Time Warner Cable customer

New digital adapter causes billing confusion for Time Warner Cable customer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Wayne Wright got a surprise when he opened his June cable bill. The total amount was about four dollars higher than he expected.

It wasn't a large amount, but Wright — who is retired and lives on a fixed income with his wife — said he wanted to track down the extra charge.

Turns out, Time Warner Cable charged Wright $4.25 for three digital cable adapters he had recently ordered for his home.

Time Warner Cable is switching its cable signal from analog to digital in the Charlotte area. The switch requires all customers to have an adapter hooked up to their TVs without a DVR or other digital box in order to continue being able to watch TV.

"On the flyer it said they would be free - they would not be charged until August 2016 and it would be billed at that time at $2.75 each," Wright said.

He and his wife decided to get three adapters since they would be free for the first year.

But that's not what it said on his bill. His bill for July included another $2.75 charge for the adapters.

"When someone tells you something will be free you don't expect to be charged," Wright said.

On Your Side Investigates called Time Warner Cable about the charges. A spokesman for the company said the charges were the result of an incorrect billing code being placed on Wright's account. The error was corrected and the charges have been removed from Wright's account.

Now Wright suggests all Time Warner Cable customers check their bills to make sure they're not paying the small, erroneous charge, too.

"How many other people, other than myself, have gotten billed for this but didn't notice it on their bill?" Wright asked.

Customers who believe they have been wrongfully charged for their digital adapters can contact Time Warner Cable's customer service team.

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