Not a 'happy traveler?' man arrested after hotel shower

Not a 'happy traveler?' man arrested after hotel shower

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A man was arrested nearly naked, wearing only a bath towel, from a hotel room that he didn't pay for, according to Salisbury Police.

On Wednesday, police were investigating a call that there was a man who appeared to be intoxicated at the Applebee's restaurant. Police also reportedly got a call that there was an intoxicated man walking on E. Innes near the Happy Traveler motel.

According to reports, worker at the motel told police that she had seen a man go into room 220, and that there were no guests registered for that room.  Police went to the room and attempted to open the door with the room key.

Finding the door secured with the chain lock, police say they pushed the door open.  They were met by Isaias Jacobo Escobar-Garcia, 26, who was coming out of the shower.  Described in the report as "still shining" from his shower, police say they allowed Escobar-Garcia to get dressed.

Escobar-Garcia was taken to jail and charged with one misdemeanor count of breaking and entering.

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